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Label for Justice condemns racism in music Tiririca

15/12/2011 - 17:26


Label for Justice condemns racism in music Tiririca

Sony will have to pay 1.2 million dollars in damages caused by the lyrics of the song 'Look at her hair, "the congressman Tiririca

Música de Tiririca é condenada por racismo
Music Tiririca is convicted of racism (Sebastiao Moreira / Reuters)
The Court of Rio de Janeiro evaluated as racist the lyrics Look at her hair, authored by Rep. Tiririca. The decision condemns the Sony label, which owns the copyright of music, to pay compensation of 1.2 million dollars. The lawsuit was filed by ten non-governmental organizations fighting against racism.
The authorities claimed that portions of the song are offensive to blacks. In one passage, the song says, "See see see see see her hair / looks good-Bril, Aria pan / Sounds good-Bril, Aria pot / I have sent it to wash / But she insisted, and would not listen to me / This denies stinks, stinks chipping "
According to the attorney Humberto Adami, who defended the contracting process, the value is the highest ever paid to an indemnity act racist. "The amount is still small compared with other segments of moral damages, such as libel and slander."
The record does not yet appear on the decision. Tiririca Congressman said he will not talk about it just because Sony is triggered in the process.
The action is driven by the same entities since 2004, when the record company appealed the conviction. At the time, Sony was ordered to pay damages of 300 million, value that was adjusted in the decision on Thursday.

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