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Affirmative Action and the USA (3:25) Excerpt from film "Brazil in Black and White", September 2007


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Affirmative Action and the USA (3:25) Excerpt from film "Brazil in Black and White", September 2007
Two American NAACP lawyers arrive to advise the Brazilian civil rights organizations, leading to a discussion of differences between race relations in the U.S. and Brazil, and questioning why this particular American import is resented when so many other Americanisms are enthusiastically welcomed.

Country: Brazil

South America Brazil map

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  1. In what ways is the situation of Brazilian blacks worse than it was for American blacks during the days of Jim Crow?
  2. The NAACP lawyer mentions a "past of racism and discrimination" in Brazil. What do you know about this history? What are the similarities and differences between the Brazilian and American histories in respect to slavery and racism?
  3. Based on the American experience, what changes can be reasonably expected to be seen in Brazil within a decade as a result of affirmative action?

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