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Black Lives: Comparing Discriminatory Policing And Social in Brazil And US Analysis

Black Lives: Comparing Discriminatory Policing And Social Action In Brazil And US – Analysis – Eurasia Review http://www.eurasiareview.com/03092016-black-lives-comparing-discriminatory-policing-and-social-action-in-brazil-and-us-analysis/

Most cases of police killings, however, especially those involving younger Black men, receive much less public attention. The Washington Post reports that police killings of young unarmed Black men in Brazil are “barely noticed” by the majority of people.xxxix Most protests have been un-sustained, small-scale (relative to what is seen in the United States), and localized to communities where the incidents took place. Jovem Negro Vivo itself admits that Black deaths in Brazil are “generally treated with indifference.”xl

Furthermore, according to The Washington Post, police killings or any kind of recognition or analysis of the issue are normally given “little space in the national media.” In reaction to the shooting of five young, unarmed Black men in Rio last year, Humberto Adami, director of the Institute of Racial and Environmental Advocacy asked “why don’t people get as indignant as in the United States?”xli There are several key reasons for this.

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